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Blog Post 005 – Update on the Girls

First Terri and I would like to thank everyone who read and reached out to us about our previous post, How We Self-Matched with Two Newborns in Less Than 6 Months. The response to that post was heart warming and we hope it leads to at least one family making their dream come true. We have been extremely busy with family visiting from both Kentucky and Texas which is why we have not posted in over a week. But don’t give up on us just yet we have plenty of content ready for future posts.

With family in town for the last two weeks, it’s been fascinating to see how quickly the girls are developing. A few milestones have been hit in this time. First, Winter has began to eat some baby food. Before anyone gets upset and starts casting judgment, we consulted with our pediatrician prior to starting baby food and he approved. To date Winter has enjoyed bananas, apples, carrots, peas, sweet potatoes and dates. Winter not only enjoys these foods she devours them. She starts doing the fish lips as soon as we place her in her highchair. For science, I felt it was only appropriate that I sampled each of these along the way and all are tasty minus the dates. Not only do the dates not appeal to my palate, they are also by far the messiest food and stained her skin and utensils. No more dates.

Winter also went swimming for the first time which she really enjoyed. We were a little concerned the water was a little too cold for her but from the photos, you can tell it did not bother her. However, the water is still too cold for our extremely temperature sensitive Parker. Once July rolls around and every Florida pool is like a hot bath, I suspect that will be more her style.

Parker has been making major strides in sleeping patterns. She is sleeping at close to 5-hour cycles at night which her mother and I both greatly appreciate. We have also moved her to size 1 diapers after we had multiple blow outs in the same day. Her neck muscles are also coming along, and she is getting better at holding up her head on her own. To be blunt, she’s slowly no longer feeling like a blob.

Perhaps the most exciting news to share is while multiple families visited from out of state, this meant multiple trips to the most wonderful place on earth for both girls. In the last 10 days both girls have been to Disney 4 times! While we had a lot of fun, there were a couple stressful moments, and it will take time to master attending the parks with the girls. Parker is still a little young, but Winter was very interested in the Little Mermaid ride at Magic Kingdom, yet they both slept through The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean.

That’s all for now, just wanted to send a quick update on the girls. Stay tuned as we have an exciting announcement later this week. We are both excited about an upcoming opportunity. As always, thanks for reading.

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