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I've waited all my life to be a mom. I struggled for 9 years to make a baby. I'm finally a mom and man is it hard! Obviously I'm blessed and super thankful God gave me these two babies but wowzah momming is hard. Having two infants at the same time is a lot to juggle. With both of us having full time jobs and all surrounding childcare centers on long waitlist, we struggle at times.

We have one quiet baby and one fussy baby. Right now we are dealing with teething and tummy issues for little Miss Parker. She's very gassy and has a few top teeth breaking through. When we can’t get her to calm down we feel like total failures. We change her, we feed her, we hold her, we console her, but nothing seems to work when she gets super cranky. We often joke and call her The Pyteradactal because when she gets cranked up her screams are deafening.

(She’s plotting her next attack. I’m just kidding but no really😅)

Is it just me, or do other moms go and hide in the bathroom? I literally just laid the girls down for the night while both screamed and fought us. To top it off we forgot to plug in their owlets so no foot socks tonight which means I will be up every hour to check if they are breathing. I’m now hiding in the bathroom with the fan on writing this post because this is my safe haven. Lol! It’s my peace and quiet from the real world.

I really do feel so guilty complaining because I tried so hard to have a baby but this shit is freaking hard. I wish more moms talked about their struggles. I feel like I’m an alien and doing this thing wrong. Instead of people showing how put together they are on social media can you just show me your worst moments so I “can” relate to you? I would love to swap stories on your worse days with your babies, so I don’t feel alone.

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17 de ago. de 2021

Girl AMEN!!!! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve cried and wondered “Am I doing This all wrong? … Am I screwing them up?” Well, let me tell you…. too many times to count.

But, when they were little someone once told me “They don’t cry blood“. As silly as it sounds, that really helped. I stopped feeling so bad when I couldn’t make them stop crying. I just asked myself if I was doing everything I could …and if the answer was yes…. I knew they would be ok. The only down side is … it doesn’t get easier.

It’s always different. Your worries will change monthly or so it seems. When you said “its Like trying to…

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