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Let's Talk Baby Bottles!

Baby bottles have become such a part of our routine day in and day out. Making bottles. Feeding bottles. Cleaning bottles. Packing bottles. It seams to be a never-ending loop of bottle work. This post will cover the bottles we use for both of our girls. We primarily use two different bottle types. The first of which was recommended to us from a coworker, these bright orange bottles are called Pop Yum. I had no idea these bottles would make our lives so much easier while feeding our girls. The way Pop Yum bottles work is you make a bottle on the go while keeping the formula and water separate until your baby is ready to eat. The top of the bottle stores the formula in the top nipple area with a cap on the inside that keeps formula separate from the water. When it’s time to feed the girls all you have to do is press the button and shake.

It's hard to say how much time this saves us while traveling in the car and not making a mess when we’re out at Disney. All we have to do is grab a bottle out of the diaper bag and shake it. We even started using them at night time. They are so convenient when the girls randomly decided their stomach is empty and they are starving to death in middle of the night. All we have to do is grab the bottle off the nightstand, press the button, and shake it. The baby has a bottle in her mouth in less than 10 seconds! Let me also add that the girls go through about twenty two bottles a day.

We also use Como Tomo bottles during the day when we use our Brezza. The Como Tomo is supposedly the bottle that most closely resembles a breast on the market. We have a bunch of pink and green ones and the girls love them and Winter even has a couple with handles so she’s able to hold her own bottle.

Another reason why I chose Como Tomo bottles before we knew about Pop Yums was because the bottle opening was wide enough for you to scoop formula in without creating a mess when we were on the go, in the car, or at a restaurant, because the top opening is so wide you never have to use a funnel to put the formula in the bottle.

Here’s a link from Amazon for both products if you’re interested. I highly recommend both of these bottles if you have formula fed babies. I guess even formula and breast fed babies because you can put your breastmilk in them too! They both come with lids so they’re perfect for on the go occasions.

PopYum 9 oz Anti-Colic Formula Making / Mixing / Dispenser Baby Bottles, 3-Pack

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